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Harvey Weinstein's "Decades of Harassment" Alleged by Ashley Judd and Others in N.Y. Times Expose

Mark Cuban's Landmark Theatres Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit

Johnny Depp Apologizes for Trump Assassination Joke: "It Did Not Come Out as Intended"

My Wild Summer With Tom Cruise: Women, Sean Penn and the Making of 'Risky Business'

Johnny Depp: A Star in Crisis and the Insane Story of His "Missing" Millions

Hollywood's Immigrant 'Dreamers' Living in Fear of Trump's Pledge to "Terminate" DACA

Rachel Maddow Tops Cable News as Ratings Thrive

Kellyanne Conway on Surveillance Comments: "I'm Not Inspector Gadget"

Labor Violations, Chopstick Assault and a Death Threat? The Fishy Legal Battles of L.A.'s Priciest Sushi Bar


Brave ‘X-Files’ Star Gillian Anderson Reveals Battle With Mental Illness And How Practicing “Gratitude” Has Helped

Photos Surface Of Accountant Texting, Mixing Up Envelopes Backstage At Oscars, Academy Will Never Work With The Team Again


Harry Dean Stanton: ‘Lucky’ Director, Cast Share Memories of Working With Late Actor

Bill Clinton Encourages Alec Baldwin to Run for Office at ‘One Night Only’ Tribute: ‘You’ll Probably Win’

Todd Rundgren Talks About Donald Trump Controversy, and Doubles Down: ‘I Consider Him Evil’

For Rent: Sting’s Southwestern Style Beachfront Home in Malibu, Only $200K per month!

Snoop Dogg Pulls Fake Gun on ‘Clown’ Trump in ‘Lavender’ Music Video

Susan Sarandon Joins ‘Ray Donovan’ for Season 5

‘This Is Us’: The Cast Reveals What Makes Them Cry

PWC Accountant Wanted to Perform Sketch at Oscars (EXCLUSIVE)


Why Theatrically Trained Actors Stumble When They Audition for Film Roles: by Dr. Richard R. Reichel

Filmmaker John Mulholland's Documentary: "Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen" focuses not simply on one fascinating subject, but two! Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway.


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